Freshwater | New Lines

As the originators of fluorocarbon fishing lines in 1971, Seaguar has amassed nearly a half-century of experience in crafting strong, nearly invisible 100% fluorocarbon main lines and leaders, widely recognized as the best available for freshwater fishing. This year Seaguar introduces three new lines meant to surpass the expectations of the most demanding freshwater anglers.


Every year, frigid winds blast across the northcountry as fall turns inexorably into winter, blanketing the watery playgrounds of summer with a frozen cap of snow and ice. While some residents pack essentials into their vehicles and drive south to warmer climes, intrepid ice anglers embrace this annual transformation, as some of the best – yet often, most challenging – fishing of the year is now at our doorste

Seaguar IceX is a new, 100% fluorocarbon line designed exclusively for the rigors of ice fishing. Precision engineered using only genuine Seaguar resins, IceX is a must-have addition to every hardwater angler’s tackle arsenal.Indeed, IceX is a low memory, micro-diameter ice line that’s engineered from exclusive Seaguar 100% fluorocarbon resins. It is built for hard water performance, providing exceptional knot and tensile strength and abrasion resistance even on the coldest days. Because IceX is a fluorocarbon line, it is virtually invisible underwater and has almost zero stretch. As a result, IceX is extremely sensitive, helping you detect more bites and catch more fish!

Gold Label - New Sizes

Fishing in saltwater is the ultimate test of mental and physical toughness, and of tackle, from lure to rod and reel and everything in between. Oversized predators that swim in briny waters are experts at exploiting the weakest link in that long chain, in an effort to gain their freedom from an angler's grasp. All too often, that inadequacy resides within the leader, linking the main line to an artificial or living bait, a leader that isn't ready for what lies ahead.

But those days are over as Seaguar has just introduced, the thinnest, strongest leader material ever made – Gold Label - a leader designed to exceed the demands of the most exacting saltwater anglers. This new leader is ready to withstand the rigors of saltwater predators and their unforgiving environment. It will change the way you think about fluorocarbon. A leader so thin and strong that the Uber-elite of Fly Fishing professionals who got a sneak peak see its potential and can't wait to try it out!

Smackdown Flash Green - New Sizes

When the water is warm or clear, or the fish are wary or highly pressured, there is simply no substitute for finesse. Specialists in finesse techniques are typically avid line watchers. They are fixated on their main line as it lays upon or enters the water, watching for twitches, changes of direction, sudden movements, or anything "different" that seems out of place, to telegraph a bite. The master line-smiths at Seaguar recognized the importance of main line visibility for detecting more bites and catching more fish, and have introduced a line that sets a new standard for high-visibility braids - Smackdown Flash Green.

New Freshwater Lines - Available Late Fall 2020

Even though Seaguar’s new lines for freshwater anglers will not be available at your local retailers until the late fall 2020, you can get more specifics about each line by clicking on the images below. Also, don’t forget to click the Sign Me Up button at the bottom of the screen to subscribe to Seaguar’s eNews, and be the first to know when our new lines are available at your favorite retailers.