Seaguar PEX8 Ultra-Sensitive, Micro-Thin, Hi-Vis 8-Strand Braid – Exceptionally Thin Diameter, No Stretch, Strong And Abrasion Resistant – Long Casting – Super Sensitive

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Seaguar PEX8 is an 8-strand multi-colored, smooth braided line with extremely thin diameters – as much as 22% thinner than a typical braided line.

The line comes in hi-vis passion pink – that’s metered with a contrasting lime green color that allows anglers to see their line more clearly and to recognize their depth when fishing drop shot, FFS, or any finesse applications.

It’s an exceptional casting line and when you fish this line you need to think a little differently about pound test sizes because this line is so thin.

It is very sensitive because this is a no-stretch line. This feature helps you feel every tick and light bite that touches your lure.

It’s offered in 200-meter spools which is 219 yards and comes in six unique pound test sizes including 12, 16, 18, 21, 24, and 33 lb. tests.

PEX8 is part of the Seaguar JDM Collection – imported from Japan for tackle junkies, avid anglers, and professional fishermen. The JDM Collection includes fluoro mainline, fluoro leader, and braid selections.


Product Features

  • Castability

    Soft and supple so the line flows off the reel for easy casting.

    close up of waves
  • Knot Strength

    Gives you a better, more reliable connection to lures and hooks.

  • Sensitivity

    This line has little or no stretch so you can detect subtle bites.

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