Available mid-September 2024

Leader Spool Dispenser & Storage Bag 

Made with durable, weather-resistant rip-stop nylon and custom-sized so that the Seaguar spools fit neatly and securely together. Features a Velcro flap for easy access and secures the leader material inside, while the dual grommets allow you to feed the line for a simple and easy dispensing system. Now it’s easy to keep your leader assortment with multiple pound test sizes in one compact space for easy access.

Available in three sizes to hold either 3 or 6 leader spools.

  • Model SGLDSM3 - holds three small Seaguar leader spools that are 8 lb test or smaller.
  • Model SGLDMD3 - holds three larger leader spools or mainline fluorocarbon /braided line spools.
  • Model SGLDLG6 - holds six larger leader spools or mainline fluorocarbon/braided line spools.


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