• Castability

    Soft and supple so the line flows off the reel for easy casting.

  • Low Memory

    Soft, supple and more castable. Makes line management easy.

    a fisherman casting with the sun rising ina blue sky
  • Knot Strength

    Gives you a better, more reliable connection to lures and hooks.

  • Invisibility

    It is significantly less visible underwater than monofilament and coated lines.

  • Abrasion Resistance

    Made for fishing around logs, rocks, docks, and in heavy grass.

  • Sensitivity

    This line has little or no stretch so you can detect subtle bites.

  • DSF

    Exclusive Double-Structure process creates line that’s both strong and supple.

  • Level Wind

    Eliminates cross contact of line to maintain strength and for enhanced castability

  • Hollow Core

    Enables you to make knotless leader connections