The ignorant catch & kill mentality of the mid 1900s has thankfully been replaced by new generations of conservation-minded anglers who have embraced a catch & release approach that use new techniques that place fish handling and safe release as the real trophy when fishing big musky and pike. Seaguar’s technique-specific AbrazX Musky & Pike Fluorocarbon leader material is built to target toothy fish and enhance safe handling practices to minimize any negative effects on released fish.

This species specific fluorocarbon leader follows the successful introduction of Seaguar's first species-specific material – STS fluorocarbon leaders that targets salmon, trout and steelhead. This fast-sinking line gets you to the "strike zone" quicker and delivers incredible abrasion resistance.

Freshwater Species Specific Lines

So if you're after Musky, Pike, Salmon, Trout or Steelhead, Seaguar has the species specific leaders that will target, catch and safely release your fish back into the wild, for other sport fishing enthusiasts to enjoy.