The Freshwater Collection

Seaguar’s Freshwater Collection has grouped all of our freshwater lines into four different categories based on type or specialty. This will take the guess work out of choosing the best line to use based on your area of fishing interest. Our categories include Fluorocarbon, Species Specific, Braid and New Lines that feature two braids and one fluorocarbon main line.

We invite you to explore each category in detail to see the many different freshwater lines we offer in a variety of test weights and lengths to find just the right line to enhance your fishing experience. Who knows you may find something new to add to your freshwater line collection.

Our Complete Freshwater Line Collection

Of course if you already know which line is right for you, just select anyone of your favorites below to start your shopping experience. At Seaguar, we are thankful for the trust and confidence you place in our products with every cast. That’s why our focus is on creating lines and leaders that are Always the Best!