• The Summertime Inshore Fluorocarbon Trifecta

    The Summertime Inshore Fluorocarbon Trifecta

    The Gulf States are an inshore angler's dream with miles and miles of shoreline perfect for the inshore saltwater angler. Florida is an especially good location for inshore fans, as it has 1,350 miles of coastline, most of it ideal habitat for inshore saltwater species.
  • Breaking Down Vegetation with Brandon Palaniuk 

    Breaking Down Vegetation with Brandon Palaniuk 

    When it comes to bass fishing, especially for largemouth bass, fishing around aquatic vegetation is always a good place to start. Bass love grass, and fishing in, around, and through vegetation is a surefire way to up your odds at catching fish.
  • Swords in the Sunlight 

    Swords in the Sunlight 

    The swordfish is a prized catch anywhere they swim and right at the top of many anglers' "bucket lists." They are elusive, large, and will put a serious test on your equipment. By nature, they are nomadic fish that feed near the surface at night and move to extreme depths during daylight hours.
  • The Line of Spring

    The Line of Spring

    Spring is prime time for big bass, and anglers everywhere are out in full force when the fishing is good, as early in the year can be some of the best fishing all year long. It is a time of year when the big bass move shallow to spawn and give anglers the chance to catch their biggest bass of the year or even a lifetime.
  • Success At First Ice

    Success At First Ice

    Throughout the Northland, intrepid anglers are taking their first tentative steps onto the frozen surfaces of pine-studded lakes, welcoming another season of hardwater fishing. After weeks of organizing tackle, sharpening auger blades, charging batteries, and spooling reels, holes are being cut, bites are being triggered, and fish tails are slapping the ice.
  • Gear Up For First Ice

    Gear Up For First Ice

    All across the northland, morning frost on the windshield and crunchy leaves underfoot mean only one thing to avid anglers: ice fishing is just around the corner. The first weeks of walkable ice encompass some of the best action of the entire hard water season, and it’s important to be prepared when the time comes to take those first steps onto your favorite lake.