• Two Must-Fish Baits For Redfish

    Two Must-Fish Baits For Redfish

    Part of what makes the redfish so popular is their affinity to bite. They're generally a willing predator, making them a favorite target for inshore anglers no matter where they live. 
  • Rigging for a Kayak

    Rigging for a Kayak

    The growing popularity of fishing has been well documented in the last two years and one of the fastest growing segments, even before the pandemic, was kayak fishing. There are many reasons for the increased interest, including the lower cost versus purchasing a boat and motor as well as the chance to fish smaller waters and access areas that boats cannot get to.
  • Summertime Salmon in the Pacific Northwest

    Summertime Salmon in the Pacific Northwest

    America’s Pacific Northwest offers stunning natural beauty with lush forests, immense mountains, and many beautiful lakes, streams, rivers, and the Pacific Ocean. Opportunities abound for the outdoorsman as both fishing and hunting are exceptional for many different species, but in this region, salmon, trout and steelhead are king and generate the most attention from resident anglers and visitors looking to experience what Washington and Oregon have to offer.
  • The Summertime Inshore Fluorocarbon Trifecta

    The Summertime Inshore Fluorocarbon Trifecta

    The Gulf States are an inshore angler's dream with miles and miles of shoreline perfect for the inshore saltwater angler. Florida is an especially good location for inshore fans, as it has 1,350 miles of coastline, most of it ideal habitat for inshore saltwater species.
  • Swords in the Sunlight 

    Swords in the Sunlight 

    The swordfish is a prized catch anywhere they swim and right at the top of many anglers' "bucket lists." They are elusive, large, and will put a serious test on your equipment. By nature, they are nomadic fish that feed near the surface at night and move to extreme depths during daylight hours.
  • Overcome The Challenge Of Line-Shy Fish

    Overcome The Challenge Of Line-Shy Fish

    We’d be willing to bet that you’ve encountered a situation like this: aggressive fish are prowling the water below, and you’re itching for a fight. Perhaps they’ve revealed themselves on your boat’s sonar system, or maybe, if the water is clear enough, you’ve spotted them cruising beneath the waves with your own two eyes.