Strong, stealthy braid tackles the bayou’s toughest fish


“That’s the one we’re looking for,” exclaimed Captain Joe DiMarco in response to the strained vocalizations of a client who had just set the hook into a Louisiana redfish. A seasoned Captain with over 15 years’ experience guiding for bull reds and more in the fertile waters of the Mississippi River Delta, DiMarco has forgotten more about fishing these roseau cane-bordered channels than lesser anglers might claim to know. After several exhausting, drag-peeling runs, each contorting the rod in unanticipated ways, another magnificent Gulf of Mexico redfish slid begrudgingly into the net.

“Everything has to go just right to land a fish like this, and the most important link in that chain is the line on the reel,” noted DiMarco as the fish was unhooked and returned to the marsh.


Seaguar Smackdown Stealth Grey

These waters teem with life – and opportunity. Cantankerous bull reds, energetic jack crevalles, imposing black drum, and even delectable speckled trout complete a cast of finned adversaries unmatched in any fresh- or saltwater battleground. What does it take to succeed in such a place, where both tackle and anglers’ mettle are tested on an hourly basis? Start with a stout rod, mount a reel with a silky drag, and spool up with the strongest, smoothest braided line: Seaguar Smackdown.
Smackdown is an eight-carrier braid featuring an extraordinarily tight weave, yielding a line with a round profile and a smooth finish that will withstand the tests of the marsh and exceed your expectations. Line watchers will appreciate Smackdown Flash Green, a high-visibility pattern that makes it easy to visually detect subtle bites. On the other hand, in the clear waters of protected marsh ponds and the deep blue waters of the Gulf itself, Smackdown Stealth Grey minimizes line visibility so you can target even the wariest fish.


Seaguar Smackdown Flash Green



When targeting bull reds in the saltmarshes, Smackdown Flash Green in 30 lb test is the perfect place to start. The tight weave of Smackdown gives the line an exceptionally small diameter – 30 lb. test Smackdown has the same diameter as 8 lb. test monofilament – which means that more super-strong Smackdown fits comfortably on your reel. And that’s a good insurance against the long, drag-peeling runs you’ll experience when chasing bull reds. DiMarco relates that, “on a 3000-series spinning reel, I can spool up with 150 yards of 30 lb. test Smackdown, which is more than enough to stop a charging bull red in its tracks, over and over again - until it’s worn out and in the net.”
The same tight weave that provides Smackdown with its thin diameter also gives it a round profile and a smooth finish. As an angler, you’ll appreciate those benefits every time you fire off a cast, because a round, smooth line – quite simply – casts farther. Indeed, you’ll be able to reach fish that you couldn’t get close to with any other line, ensuring that fish see your lure long before they see you. “These big bulls can be surprisingly skittish,” notes DiMarco, “especially after they’ve been around for a while, getting pressured by anglers and hearing a lot of boats. With Seaguar Smackdown, my guests can present lures to those bull reds before the fish detect us – and that’s a major advantage!”


Seaguar Gold Label

Getting a lure in front of a hungry redfish is half the battle; once the strike occurs, the precision engineering of Seaguar Smackdown ensures that more hooked fish find their way to the net. Indeed, with Smackdown, anglers benefit from exceptional knot and tensile strength, supported by unparalleled abrasion resistance. That means your line – and your knots – won’t fail at the hookset or during the battle, even when subjected to the stress of a rampaging bull red, doing its level best to earn its freedom by scraping against oyster beds, abandoned crab traps, and other hazards that would reduce lesser lines to shattered filaments and broken dreams. “With Smackdown,” asserts DiMarco, “I tie knots with complete confidence. Whether it’s a Palomar knot on the top end of a popping cork or an FG knot to join Smackdown to a 100% fluorocarbon leader, like Seaguar Gold Label, I know that a failed knot won’t deprive my clients the opportunity to land the fish of a lifetime.”

150-yard spools of Smackdown Flash Green and Stealth Gray are both available in 10 lb, 15 lb, 20 lb, and 30 lb test; Smackdown Stealth Gray also offers heavier lines, in 40 lb, 50 lb, and 65 lb test, perfect for use on a casting reel. Spool up with Smackdown today to experience the proven benefits of a strong, smooth, round braid, and you’ll quickly appreciate why Seaguar is Always the Best!