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Louisville, KY (July 2020)

Inshore fishing is not for the faint of heart. Here, you’ll find rambunctious redfish, tenacious trout, and cantankerous jacks stalking the bayous – but to catch them, you’ll come face to face with conditions that will test tackle and anglers alike: crystal clear ponds, razor-sharp oyster beds, the hulking infrastructure of the petroleum industry, and, of course, the sharks. Let’s not forget the sharks.

“Inshore fishing is in my blood,” states Capt. Mike Frenette, reflecting on over 40 years as a tournament angler, guide, and world record-holder in the roseau cane-bordered channels near Venice, Louisiana. “Nothing here is the same from day to day,” asserts Frenette, “except the constant need for the best available equipment – and the most critical link in that fish-catching chain is my fluorocarbon leader. It has to be nearly invisible to wary, pressured fish. It needs to tie strong knots that give me confidence. It must withstand the punishment that the fish, and their environment, dish out - hour after hour, day after day. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have a new leader that is designed specifically for this special place, where the sea meets the land: Seaguar Inshore.”

Seaguar Inshore is a new, 100% fluorocarbon leader designed to exceed the expectations of every angler that pursues redfish, trout, black drum, flounder, and more in the productive, expansive inshore environment. Precision engineered using only genuine Seaguar resins, Inshore provides every angler with the opportunity to catch the fish of a lifetime – and then, to catch another!

“I’ve fished Seaguar Inshore in just about every way imaginable while field testing,” continued Frenette, “including with lipless cranks, spoons, jigs and grubs, and even live bait. We’ve fished Inshore on a freeline and under a popping cork. We’ve used Inshore to wrestle giant reds away from rock jetties, shallow gas and oil structures, oyster beds, and barnacle-encrusted grass. Everything that I’ve asked Inshore to do, it has done – and at an incredible value that makes Seaguar quality accessible to every angler that fishes here.”

Made entirely from Seaguar resins, Inshore delivers unmatched abrasion resistance with maximum impact and knot strength. Because Inshore is a 100% fluorocarbon leader, it is nearly invisible to fish beneath the surface, ensuring a stealthy approach for wary, skittish, or heavily pressured fish in clear water. Moreover, Inshore sinks faster through the water column than monofilament, delivering baits into the strike zone more rapidly than any other leader. Every attribute of Inshore is designed to help you put more redfish, trout, drum, jacks, flounder, and more in the boat. With an MSRP as low as $15.99 for 100 yards, Inshore offers an unbeatable value for anglers that want to experience Seaguar performance – for less.

“I really appreciate some of the ‘little things’ about Inshore,” remarked Frenette. “Inshore is smooth and supple – it is easy to manage and ties strong, compact knots that pass smoothly through the line guides on my rods. Inshore is remarkably resistant to abrasion; I can’t tell you how many times I’ve landed big bull reds up on the rocks or in the tough, gnarly marsh grass and then run the leader through my fingers to check for nicks or bad spots – only to find a perfectly smooth finish with no fray or roughness, just like the leader was when I first tied it on. Every angler will also appreciate that spools of Inshore include 100 yards of leader – that means you’re not going to run out in the middle of a hot bite, and when you need to run a long top shot in super clear water, you’ll have plenty of Inshore leader to go around. I just love it!”

Seaguar is the originator of fluorocarbon fishing lines and leaders, and leverages nearly 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of 100% fluorocarbons to produce Inshore, the best available leader for the avid angler. With Inshore, you’ll experience legendary Seaguar performance in a very economical fluorocarbon. Indeed, Inshore is perfect for everyone.

Seaguar Inshore will be available soon in 12, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 80 lb. test, with MSRP $15.99 to $58.99. Tie on an Inshore leader during your next trip to where the land meets and sea, and you’ll quickly appreciate why Seaguar Inshore is Always the Best!

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