Sunshine Fluoro

Louisville, KY (April 1, 2024)

Seaguar is helping anglers capture the power of the sun with a new selection of fishing lines activated by solar rays. 

New Seaguar Sunshine Fluoro is a fluorocarbon-based line that is infused with micro-cells to capture solar energy and convert it to an electrical charge that runs through the line. This weak voltage stimulates fish feeding to enhance bites.  “Electroreception is that special sense that allows sharks to home in on prey.  Our teams of scientists are using that model in this breakthrough approach to stimulate feeding in game fish,” said Gerry Benedicto, Seaguar General Manager. “Sunshine Fluoro was developed to help fish “turn-on” and start feeding when the bite is slow” added Benedicto.

Electroreception is the ability to detect electrical currents. Any muscular movements or twitches in living animals and fish create small electrical currents. Think how a cardio machine tracks the electricity in our heart. These electrical currents are transmitted in the water and can be detected by prey.

Sharks have the ability to sense the tiniest electrical current - some say down to one-billionth of a volt. This electroreception in combination with the lateral line and other senses enables sharks to sense and track down prey in uncanny fashion.

In freshwater bass, the lateral line is what arouses the fish and drives them closer to bait. The lateral line is a line of sensitive nerve endings running along each side of the body of the fish. It enables bass to detect sounds and sense electrical charges as much as 20 feet away.

Sunshine Fluoro was was developed to stimulate and attract fish closer to the bait so that their natural reflex takes over and the fish bite.  As the line is retrieved, an electrical charge transmits through the water. The more often the line is cast in an area, the wider the electrical stimulant.  "These lines are designed to provoke predators into attack modes," explained Benedicto.

Seaguar Sunshine Fluoro will be available in line tests of 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 65 lbs, in 200-yard spools. The spool includes a USB port with a small solar panel and be used a supplemental power source for phones and other electronics. This shocking new product helps you understand why Seaguar is Always The Best!

Yeah, you guessed it. April Fools!