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Louisville, KY (July 2021)

Since its introduction in 2010, Seaguar TATSU® Fluorocarbon has become a favorite among anglers who want the best fluorocarbon line on the market. Tatsu is the world's only double-structure fluorocarbon mainline. The double-structure process fuses two custom, 100% fluorocarbon resins, creating the best combination of strength and castability.

New for Size Offerings for 2022

New for 2022 are two additional sizes of TATSU fluorocarbon - 17 and 22 LB test are being added to round out the offerings.

Seaguar pro Luke Clausen is one of the select few anglers with both a Bassmaster Classic and Forrest Wood Cup win to his credit. Through his years of fishing professionally, he has learned that details matter.

"There is always a big separation between what anglers have and what we want," begins Clausen. "That's why I'm so excited about the two new sizes of Tatsu as they are perfect 'in-between' sizes to give me more options as an angler."

While one slight size difference may not appear to matter, Clausen begs to differ. "The diameter difference between 20 and 22-pound test may not seem like much, but it makes a big difference when you have a big fish wrapped in heavy cover," he says. "There are also countless times when I need to make those slight adjustments to match the cover and to adjust how my lure falls. Going up or down one size can make my lures perform better."

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