Seaguar Gold Label


Louisville, KY (July 2022)

In 2018, Seaguar introduced Gold Label fluorocarbon leader, the thinnest and strongest leader material Seaguar had ever offered.  Gold Label was first offered in 25-yard spools and since its launch, it has become the go-to leader for serious salt and freshwater anglers everywhere.  Now both 25-yard and the new, larger 50-yard spools sizes will be available.  


“Dynamics in using leaders has changed dramatically over the last several years,” say Gerry Benedicto, Seaguar General Manager.  For years, 3-to 4-foot leaders were the norm, but today, pressured fish and clearer waters are pushing anglers to tie on longer leaders. “We’re seeing more and more fishermen use fluoro leaders that are much longer than before to help get more bites on finicky fish,” notes Benedicto. He adds, “With its larger capacity, the 50-yard spool better fits some angler needs and was the next logical step for this fast-growing fluorocarbon leader material.”


More is Better, For Many Reasons

The decision to offer larger spools comes after numerous customer requests and feedback from Seaguar's team of professional anglers.

Bassmaster Elite Series pro Brandon Palaniuk utilizes longer leaders for finesse fishing tactics, especially in ultra-clear water. "I typically run leaders that are 10- to 12-foot, so having 50-yard spools make sense because you can simply get more leaders from each spool."

Capt. Blair Wiggins of Addicted Fishing adjusts his leader length based on the species he's targeting and water conditions. "I use longer leaders when fishing for kingfish, wahoo, sailfish or any other fish that hits with a lot of force," said Wiggins. "Since I use nothing but braid main line on my reels, I like a little longer fluorocarbon leader to absorb some of the shock from those mean fish. Most anglers should be excited to see larger spools of Gold Label — I know I am."


Vince Moldenhauer, owner and fishing guide of Great River Outdoors, prefers longer leader lengths while guiding clients in clear water. "On a stained river or lake, I may only be running a 4- to 6-foot leader, but in clear natural lakes or the Great Lakes, I'll use much longer leaders," he said. "I'll run anywhere from 10- to 20-foot leaders, longer if I'm live bait rigging in clear water and closer to 10 feet if I'm casting or jigging. In these scenarios, you need the long leaders to get bit."


Mark Davis of Big Water Adventures is a fan of longer leaders, especially for cleaner water. "All things being equal, the clearer the water, the longer the top shot," he said and referenced a recent trip to Venice, Louisiana. "We were using an entire 25-yard spool on each rod because the fish were line shy and with a leader that long, they never saw anything but the bait, and I'm certain we were getting more bites because of it. I'll also use longer leaders when fishing with lighter hooks or fish with a softer mouth because it has more stretch than braid, which prevents you from pulling hooks from fish."


The Gold Standard

Gold Label is different because it is 18% thinner and 17% stronger than any other 100% fluorocarbon leader made by Seaguar. This gives anglers the best of both worlds with increased strength and unmatched invisibility and lure performance. It’s made in an exclusive double-structure process which unites two different fluorocarbon resins: a strong, sensitive fluorocarbon core and a soft, supple, fluorocarbon exterior into the best leader material available. Gold Label was designed especially for use as a leader material with a braided mainline and is both soft and supple, making line management more user-friendly.


Seaguar Gold Label is available on 25 and 50-yard spools in sizes from 2-80 lb. test. Gold Label 50-yard spools s will be available in January 2023.  MSRP for Gold Label 50-yard spools ranges from $32.99 to $107.99 depending on pound test.  

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