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Louisville, KY (July 2022)

Seaguar Smackdown braided line has become a favorite for bass anglers since its release. In 2018, Seaguar developed two colors of the ultra-thin, 8-strand braided line to match specific fishing situations. They created the high-visibility Flash Green color for techniques where line watching is critical, whereas Stealth Gray is exceptional for blending into the aquatic environment.

New for 2022 is an expansion of the Smackdown braid lineup with the addition of 300-yard spools. Anglers have requested spools with more yards of the ultra-thin braided line that provides exceptional knot and tensile strength with unparalleled abrasion resistance — and Seaguar delivered.

“We listened to angler feedback and are pleased to announce larger spool sizes for our Smackdown braided line,” said Gerry Benedicto, Seaguar General Manager. “The response has been excellent since Smackdown was released, but anglers have consistently requested an option for bigger spools. There are several benefits to the larger spools, including reducing waste and for use on reels with larger line capacities.”

Fresh and Saltwater Anglers United with Smackdown

More is better regarding spool size, which both fresh and saltwater anglers realize on the water.

Capt. Mike Frenette, professional redfish tournament angler and renowned guide at his Redfish Lodge of Louisiana in Venice, Louisiana, sees several benefits to the new 300-yard spool option.

“The bigger spool sizes are better for everyone, whether they are weekend anglers, guides, or tournament anglers,” he says. “We all have multiple setups and can fill more reels from one spool. Smackdown is very thin and some bigger reels hold a lot of it. You can also fill the reels all the way, which is important because you can get spooled at any time in saltwater if you hook into something like a big jack crevalle and that can happen much faster if you don’t have enough line on your spool.”

For his inshore fishing needs, 20 to 40 lb. gets most of the work and Stealth Gray is the perfect color for where he fishes. “The gray color blends in very well with brackish water we have here in Louisiana,” he says. “But, even when I was down fishing the crystal clear water in the Florida Keys, I noticed that it doesn’t stand out like other braids.”

Major League Fishing pro Luke Clausen welcomes the new larger spools of Smackdown for convenience. “When using backing on your reels, you can now fill at least three reels from one spool,” he said. “That makes sense to me and you get less wasted line. You don’t have a bunch of spools with line on them, but not enough to fill another reel.”

As he competes as a professional bass angler, Clausen utilizes the Stealth Gray and Flash Green colors depending on the situation. “Flash Green is all I use for my spinning gear and the ability to watch your line to detect light bites is critical,” he says. “I fish Stealth Gray on all of my baitcast gear and it blends in perfectly with the water when fishing topwaters, frogs, and punching vegetation.”

Seaguar Smackdown braid will be available in Flash Green and Stealth Gray in both 150 and 300-yard spools in 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 65 lb. test ratings. Smackdown in 300-yard spools will be available in February, 2023. MSRP for Smackdown 300-yard spools is $54.99.

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