Knot Guide


Learn how to tie fool proof fluorocarbon knots with Seaguar's Illustrated Knot Guide and Videos from Sport Fishing Pros. Just click the "View Details" button below to the knot type or style to get detailed instructions and view illustrated animations or close-up videos on how to tie each knot.

How to Uncoil the 5 yard Leader

Gene Jensen shows the right way to uncoil the 5 yard Seaguar leader that's inside each box of TactX braid. Following his instructions will help anglers enjoy the benefits of fishing fluorocarbon leader to braided fishing line connections.

FG Knot with Chris Zaldain

An FG knot is a small yet strong knot that's used to connect your leader to your main line. It is created by making several tight coils around your fishing line. This distributes the tension and load of any potential fish onto each coil, which makes it a reliable choice.

Double Uni Knot with Miles Burghoff

A double uni knot is two uni knots tied back to back, then placed together to form a strong connection. This line joining knot is great for attaching leader to your main line. 

Alberto Knot with Brandon Palaniuk

The Alberto fishing knot, or the Alberto knot, is a strong knot to use when connecting lines of two different diameters. It's a popular choice for line to leader connections.

Improved Clinch Knot

There's no need to get all tied up in the clinches when you learn how to tie our new and Improved Clinch Knot.

Loop Knot

Do loops around other anglers with our version of the Loop Knot.


Seaguar Knot

Learn to tie our own brand of fluorocarbon knot - the Seaguar knot.

Double Uni-Knot

Learn to tie the Double Uni-Knot to double your fishing pleasure and double the fun.

Surgeons Knot

The Surgeon's knot is an oldie but a goodie and one of the basic knots that every angler should learn to tie.