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Let’s ask the Pro’s: KNOT GUIDE

Fluorocarbon is made from Hydrogen, Carbon, and Fluoride. This combination of elements creates the molecule known as PVDF, or Poly-Vinyl-i-Dene-Fluoride

No.  Just because the product says 100% fluorocarbon does not mean it is just like any other on the market.  Only Seaguar makes fluorocarbon lines and leaders from beginning to end without any outside companies involved.  The difference of quality varies from brand to brand.

Nylon is a less expensive material and easier to extrude (produce).

No. Due to the resins and the extrusion process involved, the line or leader may have a slight tint. The product is perfectly fine and can be used.  And since the refractive index in 100% fluorocarbon is a constant, it does not affect the invisibility of the line.  Just because you can see the line, doesn’t mean a fish can see it under water.

No. As long as it is 100% fluorocarbon, the refractive index will remain the same and not light up or shine when nicked or scratched.

It can help some, but clear coating a red car, still shows the red underneath.

No. The refractive index of 100% fluorocarbon is a constant and cannot be altered.

Not really, as 100% fluorocarbon is almost totally impervious to UV rays. If it could, it would not be a factor that makes much of a difference.

Fluorocarbon is perfect for cold water or ice fishing as it absorbs very little water, remaining soft and supple.

No. Fluorocarbon is not affected by fluorescent lighting or other forms of UV rays.

No. It is as close as any form of line or leader can get to the refractive index of water, thus making it virtually invisible, but not completely. Some brands do state that, but it is not true.

Refractive Index, in this case, is a numerical value assigned to how light is bent when something extends from air to water. It can be demonstrated by placing a pencil in a clear glass of water. It looks like the pencil bends under the water. Air to Water has a refractive index of 1.33. Air to Fluorocarbon has a refractive index of 1.42. Air to Nylon has a refractive index of 1.62. This means that fluorocarbon refracts light closer to water, thus making it more difficult to see when under water.

No, it is not possible, although there are fluorocarbon brands out there that would have you believe different. The refractivity of 100% fluorocarbon is a constant, and cannot be altered.

Fluorocarbon is usable over a much longer period of time than nylon monofilaments. Although you should re-spool as necessary, with fluorocarbon you can re-spool less.

While we do not recommend leaving anything of value in a closed vehicle on a hot day, it should have no effect on the fluorocarbon.

No treatments are necessary. Seaguar is ready to use right off the spool.

Although various water types will have no effect on fluorocarbon, you should always rinse off your gear, especially when fishing in salt or brackish water.

You should always wash your hands after handling any product that might affect the performance of your fishing, however, these and many other products, will have no effect on fluorocarbon.

Originally the color red began showing up on lures, then on hooks. It is believed that the red mimics a wounded baitfish. Red line then became popular, following the whole red theme. The claim is that since red is the first color in the spectrum that loses its color as sunlight is withdrawn, it will become more invisible the deeper it goes. The color red actually appears gray, as it is not reflecting the red rays from the sun. The simple test is: put the red line in the water and see if it becomes harder to see.

Fluorocarbon provides an abundance of benefits for a large variety of fishing applications.  It’s virtually invisible, has a faster sink rate compared mono or braid, is extremely abrasion resistant, has low stretch and highly sensitive.

Yes, fluorocarbon lines and leaders do stretch, but not as much as mono. Line typically has more stretch than leader. All Seaguar lines and leaders provide the optimum amount of shock impact/stretch.



Let’s ask the Pro’s: KNOT GUIDE

Braided line seems to have a growing trend of uses and applications.  From top-water to drop-shot applications, braid definitely has its benefits with respect to sensitivity, castability and less stretch.  We recommend using braid with a short fluorocarbon top-shot leader.  Combine Seaguar Kanzen, Smackdown, or Threadlock braid with the matching diameter of any Seaguar fluorocarbon leader and you’ll get the benefits of premium quality fishing line and leader.

Since Seaguar is known throughout the world as the premium Fluorocarbon creator, they decided to focus their leading edge technology towards producing superior braided lines to fill the needs of anglers that prefer braid for specific fishing applications. By combining Seaguar braid and Seaguar fluorocarbon, you’ll have the best of both worlds.

Each of the Seaguar braid lines has its own unique features.  Check it out:
Freshwater Kanzen & Saltwater Kanzen
Freshwater Smackdown & Saltwater Smackdown
Saltwater Threadlock



Let’s ask the Pro’s: KNOT GUIDE

In 1971, Kureha Company, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, invented Seaguar, the first fluorocarbon leader and line in the world. 

Seaguar is the only company that makes their own resins for each line and leader from beginning to end.

There are a few fluorocarbons that are more expensive.  Seaguar costs a little bit more because the resins and extrusion process are all of the highest quality and the latest technology and are manufactured ONLY for lines and leaders.  We cannot speak for the competition.

a. Strength - While both are strong and will withstand the lb test listed, leader and tippet are stronger over shorter lengths and are not designed to be a long, main line product.  The main lines are designed to take the impact load over a much longer distance, transferred throughout the line.
b. Double Structure Technology - Our TATSU line, Blue Label (FC) and Fluoro Premier leaders,  and Grand Max, and Grand Max FX tippets are all Double Structure, a Seaguar exclusive process that injects two different molten resins through a special die.  The resins are extruded as one solid piece.  The harder, inside resin contributes to the Tensile Strength, while the softer, outside resin creates greater Knot Strength.
c. Price - Leaders and Tippets are more difficult to produce because of double structure and the resins involved, therefore line is less expensive and leader/tippets cost more.
d. Resins - Since Seaguar is the only fluorocarbon brand in the world that makes its own resins, different exclusive resins are used for all of our products. The resins in our line are different than the resins in our leaders.

Double Structure is the combining of two distinct 100% fluorocarbon resins into one solid piece.  The exterior resin is soft and contributes to higher knot strength, while the interior resin is hard and contributes to higher tensile strength.  A Seaguar Exclusive.  Seaguar’s Double Structure products are: TATSU, Fluoro Premier, Blue Label, Grand Max, and Grand Max FX

No, being that it is a solid piece and not layered or coated, it cannot separate.

Originally, knot strength was the weakest part of fluorocarbon.  However, Seaguar fluorocarbon focuses on having the best knot strength in the market.

Yes, all Seaguar lines are soft enough to be used on any reel for any type of fishing.

Only Seaguar has Level Wind Technology in the fluorocarbon market. Level Wind Technology helps: Maintain Strength, Keep line Smoother, and Increase Cast-ability.

Yes, the type of water, including brackish, will have no effect on Seaguar.

Each Seaguar fluorocarbon line and leader has been custom made with emphasis on specific features.  Choose the line that’s best meets the type of fishing you’re doing and the environment you’re fishing.



Let’s ask the Pro’s: KNOT GUIDE

Monofilament is still used for many top-water fishing applications.  Since fluorocarbon line/leader sinks due to its heavier specific gravity and chemical properties, it does not work as well for some top-water fishing.

Since Seaguar is known throughout the world as the premium Fluorocarbon creator, they decided to focus their leading edge technology towards producing a superior monofilament to fill the needs of anglers that prefer mono for specific fishing applications.

Seaguar Senshi monofilament line is the thinnest and strongest mono on the market today.  It has very low-stretch, low memory and is extremely sensitive compared to other monofilament lines.