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Item - tatsu
200 Yard Main Line

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Price From: Suggested Retail Price : $39.99
Price From: Suggested Retail Price : $39.99

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TATSU - Japanese for Dragon. Available in 200 Yard Spools.


Throughout the centuries, the mythical, mighty dragon has been described as fierce, formidable, stealthy, and virtually indestructible. Like the flexible, lithe, and armored scales of a Dragon, TATSU has a tough, but soft exterior, while hiding an inner strength incomparable to any other line on the planet. TATSU is a Double Structure Fluorocarbon (DSF) line. Made with two custom, 100% Seaguar Fluorocarbon resins, extruded in one solid piece, TATSU is simply the best of the very best in Seaguar lines. No other competitor can match Seaguar's proprietary extrusion process that releases the performance power of this uniquely structured line. Seaguar's strongest and softest line, TATSU is the apex of Fluorocarbon.