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The Fishful Thinking Show

Fishful Thinking, hosted by one of Canada's top fishermen, Charlie Wray, has been a successful TV show since 1990. Perfect for both the novice and experienced angler, Fishful Thinking provides entertaining insight for all audiences. Locations center around the heavily fished, public waters that are easily accessible for the majority of anglers. The show is now be shot in high definition. Check out the shows website for more information and to watch past episodes online! Don't forget to follow Charlie Wray on Facebook, Twitter and by signing up for his newsletter.

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WildTV & WildTV HD

  • Sundays - 8:00 AM (CT)
  • Mondays - 5:30 PM (CT)

Sun TV

  • Sundays - 8:30 AM

Men TV

  • Sundays - 9:00 AM

Global Ontario

  • Saturday - various times

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