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Mark Menendez

Mark Menendez is one of the most accomplished and respected pros on the Bassmaster Elite Series trail. He has earned over $1 million dollars and competition and has won three times on the Bassmaster Trail. A veteran of the industry, he has competed in nearly 200 events with B.A.S.S.

Mark takes pride in his ability to interact with fans and teach anglers about the sport he loves. He can be found at sport shows across the country demonstrating various fishing techniques. Mark is also a prolific writer and his articles can be found in multiple websites and magazines. Fishing a jerkbait is one of Mark's favorite techniques and he relies on 12lb Seaguar Senshi monofilament anytime he is using a jerkbait in cold water.

Visit the Bassmaster web site where you can get more stats, watch videos, view an image gallery and learn more about Mark Melendez on his profile page.

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