Finesse and Flippin' are two of the most popular ways anglers fish for bass. Seaguar research shows that over 9 out of 10 anglers use these techniques when bass fishing, and over 8 out of 10 have purchased rods and reels specifically for this type of fishing. So if anglers are buying gear specifically for use with these techniques, shouldn't you have a line to complete the package? Enter Seaguar Finesse Fluoro, Flippin' Fluoro and Flippin' Braid - technique specific lines targeting heavy cover applications and finesse presentations.

However, if top-water presentations are more your style then Rippin' premium monofilament fishing line is just what you need. There’s something about a top-water bite that raises the sensory levels to new heights. Splash. Pause. Splash. Pause. And bam — an explosive hit that’s a visual rush and adrenalin kicker for any angler.

Technique Specific Freshwater Lines

Regardless of your fishing style, Seaguar has the technique lines specifically made to up your catch and enhance your fishing experience.