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Item - shark-tooth-main-leader
SHARK TOOTH - Main/Leader
Available in two colors (Blue or Green) in single or twin pack.

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SHARK TOOTH - Main/Leader

Product Description


Tired of biting heavy lines with your teeth? The Shark Tooth was invented for convenience and revolutionizes the use of leader. With its sleek design and ultra smooth extractability there is nothing like it on the planet! Never fumble for nippers again! All you do is put the line or leader through the eyelet snap the band around the spool and your set, wrap the amount of desired Seaguar leader around the front of the tooth. Put your thumb on the rest pull back and cut. The Seaguar Shark Tooth has a razor blade capable of cutting up to 130lb Fluorocarbon like butter (Seaguar Fluoro Premier). No more fumbling around with birds' nests or looking for clippers giving you more time to fish! Stop using rubber bands or tape and put a Seaguar Shark Tooth on all your spools today!