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New York, NY (September, 2014)

As part of the recent launch of Seaguar Pink Label™ fluorocarbon leader material, Seaguar committed to donating a portion of the sale proceeds to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.®. Gerry Benedicto, Seaguar General Manager, announced that the first check for $10,753.47 was recently sent to NBCF to help fund early detection of breast cancer and to provide mammograms for those in need.

In making the announcement, Benedicto thanked the many anglers across the country who have purchased Pink Label and made the donation possible. “We’ve been overwhelmed by the support we received from thousands of fishermen who believe in Seaguar products and in supporting this great cause. We owe a big thanks to all of them for making this donation possible.”

Pink Label™ 100% fluorocarbon leader material is made from exclusive Seaguar resins in a proprietary process to provide superior tensile strength, better abrasion resistance and minimal stretch. It is also soft and supple yet provides 30% better knot strength than other fluorocarbon lines.* Pink Label™ is available on 25-yard spools from 15 to 80 pound test, and in 25-yard coils from 100 to 200 pound test.

Donations to the National Breast Cancer Foundation are an ongoing initiative and Seaguar will continue to provide a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Pink Label™ fluorocarbon leader material.

“With the help of Seaguar customers, we’re excited to continue this effort and are proud to have the opportunity to help fight a disease that affects so many of our wives, mothers, sisters and friends,” added Gerry Benedicto.

For more information, call 502-883-6097, write Kureha America, LLC., Seaguar Division, 4709 Allmond Ave - Suite 4C, Louisville, KY 40209, or visit us or on Facebook.

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About the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. ®

Recognized as one of the leading breast cancer organizations in the world, the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s (NBCF) mission is to save lives through early detection and to provide mammograms for those in need. A recipient of Charity Navigator’s highest 4-star rating for nine years, NBCF provides women Help for Today…Hope for Tomorrow® through its National Mammography Program, Beyond The Shock®, Early Detection Plan, MyNBCF online support community, and breast cancer research programs. For more information, please visit

* Compared to leading competitive fluorocarbon line.