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17/09/2014 Seaguar Donates Over $10,000 To Help Fight Breast Cancer » Read
09/05/2014 Seaguar Launches Pink Label Fluorocarbon Leader » Read
09/10/2013 Seaguar Introduces Smackdown – The Next-Generation Tournament Braid » Read
07/10/2013 Seaguar® Launches STS Fluorocarbon –Leader Material For Salmon, Trout and Steelhead » Read
07/10/2013 Seaguar Adds Green Monofilament to Its Popular Senshi Range » Read
07/10/2013 Seaguar Launches New Ultra-Strong 16-Strand Hollow-Core Braid » Read
07/10/2013 Seaguar Adds 100lb Test to Big Game Blue Label Leader Material » Read
25/01/2013 Spool Up Seaguar Kanzen™ Braid And Reel In Big Savings » Read
07/10/2012 Seaguar Adds Bulk Spools to Kanzen™ Braid and Senshi™ Monofilament Lines » Read
07/10/2012 Seaguar Adds More Choices to Tatsu™ – The World’s Only Double-Structure Fluorocarbon Main Line » Read
07/10/2012 Seaguar Adds 17 lb Test to Main Line Products » Read
07/10/2012 Seaguar Adds More Choices to Fluoro Premier™ Fluorocarbon Leader Material » Read
07/11/2011 Seaguar Introduces TATSU™ - The World’s Only Double Structure Fluorocarbon Main Line » Read
04/06/2011 Seaguar Employees And Factories Spared In Japan Disaster » Read
07/01/2011 Seaguar Introduces Senshi™ - World-Class Monofilament Line » Read
07/01/2011 New Seaguar KANZEN™ Braid Offers Exceptional Abrasion Resistance and Knot Strength with Thinner-Diameter Line » Read
08/01/2009 Seaguar Announces $100,000 Cash Prize For A New All-Tackle, World Record Yellowfin Tuna » Read


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